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Meet Luke!

Photography - Prue Peters

Luke is the Director and property guru at Lush Property.


Luke lives, breathes and dreams about property. As a fully qualified Certified Practicing Valuer (CPV) Luke has undertaken more than 10,000 valuations during his time assessing properties from as little as $30,000 all the way up into the multi-millions .


Luke has expansive knowledge about all things property. With hands on experience in construction of new homes, renovating old homes to restore their former glory, or strategic subdivision. Luke implements what he advises.


Those that have met Luke know that he can talk for hours about property. To him its not just a profession, but also a hobby. On the weekends you'll find Luke hanging out at the hockey fields, drinking great latte's, immersing himself in Formula 1 racing or spending time with his young family. Having been born and raised in Shepparton, Victoria he is often called upon by agents and buyers alike to give advice on current market trends, locations to watch, and comparable sales data and is often heard saying "I remember that property, I've valued it before"


Luke’s wealth of expertise can assist you to maximise the potential of your property through renovation, investment or other advanced strategies.

I have played hockey for over 20 years

across 2 different clubs


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