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Hi, I'm Luke!

Lush Property founder Luke Jorgensen and family

I'm the founder and property guru here at Lush Property

Lush Property was born out of a need for an independent property advisory service based in regional Victoria, which is suited to and tailored for locals. With over a decade of property experience, I will get you on the fast track.

When you work with Lush Property, you work with me, not an intern or rookie investor.

the focus is on working with you to achieve outstanding results through property.


I specialise across multiple areas of property including:

  • Buyers advocacy

  • Buy and hold strategies

  • Property valuations

  • Small scale property development

  • Investment cashflow modelling

  • Maximising returns and property value.

I am also a father, a husband, a hockey player, a lover of tech (yes I'm an Apple tragic), a fan of Formula 1, and great coffee.

I have played hockey for over 20 years

across 2 different clubs