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All prices are in Australian dollars.

All quotes are valid for 14 days unless otherwise stated.

Lush Property is not responsible for any cost increases caused by third party contractors.

Any additional work outside of the terms of the quote will be charged at $300 per hour (+GST) or as advised in the quote.


Initial purchase estimates, capital growth forecasts, rental returns, vacancy rates and managing agent fees are all based on available published information, recent sale data and market feedback.


Every endeavour is made to provide information of the highest integrity to our clients, however we cannot guarantee third party information integrity.

Our assessment of client cash flows is based on the information provided by the client and, if incorrect, can alter outcomes.

Lush Property makes no assessment of, nor provides any warranties relating to the client being able to obtain finance, nor the overall ability to afford the property. Clients should seek professional assistance from licensed credit providers.


Lush Property may be required to obtain and supply quotes from third parties. Individual quotes are subject to the respective company/suppliers terms of conditions and may be subject to change with price fluctuations. Lush Property will not be held liable for any price differences with third party providers.

Pest and building reports are conducted by a third party and do not form a part of our service or fees paid. All payments for these reports are to be paid directly to the supplier and are subject to their own terms of trade.

Lush Property does not provide any warranties on the future performance of the properties presented, both structurally and financially. Any decision to purchase has been made by the client after making their own enquiries with the relevant professionals including but not limited to tax, finance, building, pest etc.



$1,100 inc GST to be paid as an appointing fee before any work commences. (non-refundable)
$2,200 inc GST to be paid upon contract signing.
The remainder to be paid upon the contract becoming unconditional.
All invoices are to be paid within 14 days of the invoice date, after this time your file will not progress until payment is made.

If the contract of sale is signed by the purchaser, but the contract does not proceed due to cooling off, or under the pest/building/finance clause, then the payments made up until this time are non-refundable and considered payment for work rendered.


The information presented within materials, collateral, reports and on any Lush Property internet pages, including social media, including any accompanying media (“the information”), is educational and general and it should not be construed as specific investment recommendations or advice. You, the reader or viewer, should seek personal advice from a licensed financial services provider as to the suitability or otherwise of the information to your individual situation before you make any financial decision.


The laws relating to investment, taxation, benefits and the handling of money, and their interpretation and implementation by government authorities, are constantly changing and while every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information, Lush Property gives no guarantee as to the accuracy and/or completeness of the information and accept no responsibility or liability (which is excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law) for any action taken by you on the basis of the information. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Lush Property nor its contractors make no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the results to be obtained by you from the use of the information, and any investment decisions undertaken.


Lush Property does not provide advice on investment decisions. All interested parties must rely on their own research, due diligence investigations and validation of the information enclosed herein before making any investment decision.


As part of your due diligence, it is your responsibility to seek professional advice (at your cost) from qualified sources in regard to the following, but not limited to:


  • Financial Planning

  • Asset Protection

  • Taxation

  • Legal Advice

  • Building and Pest inspection reports

  • Bank Valuations

  • Stamp Duty

  • Town Planners (if applicable)

  • Validation of property figures from Council and/or other related sources

  • Property Management


Lush Property will not accept liability for the cost or outcome of due diligence investigations.


Whilst care has been taken in the production of information and the information contained herein has been obtained from third party sources, Lush Property taken in good faith, believe to be reliable, however Lush Property does not warrant, represent or guarantee the accuracy, adequacy, completeness or fitness for any purpose, and will accept no liability for any loss incurred in any way by any person who may rely on it.


Furthermore, the availability of any property at the time of presenting any information has been obtained from third party sources Lush Property believes to be reliable; however, Lush Property does not guarantee and will accept no liability for any loss incurred should this not be the case.


Lush Property encourages you to engage the professional services of a suitably qualified practitioner to produce figures and outcomes for individual purchases considering the overall impact on your short and long term financial position.

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