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ILRE Students

Field Trip to Shepparton!!

Saturday September 9, 2023


The What

I am opening up my current projects for ILRE students to come and see the workings of things while they are "mid-deal".

I currently have underway:

  • 1 into 2 subdivision with existing dwelling

  • Full renovation on a flooded home

  • Cosmetic renovation on a property that we wont settle on until early 2024

  • 1 into 3 subdivision & cosmetic renovation

They are a mixture of JV's and personal projects, at different stages completion, and different strategies. They also represent projects that anyone can do regardless of financial situation.

Feaso's will be available on the day at each project.

I will need ALL participants to wear closed toe shoes suitable for construction sites. Although all due care will be taken to ensure the safety of each site, they are current construction site and there may be screws, nails, timber etc. This is unfortunately a non-negotiable.

The Where

All projects are within a short drive of each other.
A loose timeline is as follows:


10am - 30 Annerley Avenue, Shepparton 
Map link -

10:30am - 26 Longstaff Street, Shepparton
Map link -

11:30am - 21 Marlboro Drive, Kialla

Map link -

12:30pm - 9 Vickers Street, Kialla
Map link -

1:30pm onwards

Peppermill Inn (Kialla)
Map link -


Please RSVP via email to

Make sure to bring your black PLATINUM lanyard with your name tag


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out

0411 718 792

The photos and videos of our projects can be found on the following channels:
Website -
Facebook -
Instagram -

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