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Why Property is the best Wealth Creation Vehicle

When buying an investment property, there are 3 different parties that allow you to keep the property long term.

Firstly - the tenant. the incoming rent should pay for most, if not all, of the property's holding costs. This is usually the largest financial contributor.

Second we have the Tax Office. They provide you with tax breaks for every dollar you spend on holding that property

Last we have you the owner. Hopefully you have purchased well and aren't actually contributing anything financially to holding the property.

As an added bonus, the bank allows us to leverage our money to get into buying more property. We can use around $100,000 of our own money to get into a property worth $500,000. Then when the property increases in value, you as the owner get to keep all the uplift.

Sound like a no brainer to us

Luke Jorgensen - Lush Property

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