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Want a proven strategy to supercharge your equity position?

We work with investors and land owners who desire to make solid returns relatively quickly, effortlessly and with minimal risk from property development.


Property development is a proven way to build large amounts of capital, as long as it is done following a system which ensures the right outcome. But how do you learn and then implement a system without having the risk of getting it wrong?

Lush Property offer a Joint Venture (JV) arrangement where we implement our proven strategy to ensure your outcome. Although investors have money, most lack the 2 key ingredients required for a successful property development, being specialised knowledge and the time required to manage a project.

The other huge advantage is that we offer our investors the opportunity to learn the development process if they wish to do so, with full transparency throughout the project. Our investors can choose to learn property development through us, or choose to “set and forget” and reap the financial rewards upon completion of the project.


Make Money

We have proven track record with property development for both our own and JV projects. You can earn an annual salary with minimal work and stress.

Save Time

Streamlining the process with our formula ensures you get your money faster than trying to do it yourself.

Avoid Mistakes

Lessons can be very costly with property. Ensure you don’t fall victim to novice mistakes by using a system to get an outcome.

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