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Investment property tax deductions

One of the big advantages of owning investment properties is the suite of deductions you can claim for each and every one of the properties in your portfolio.

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Costs on rental properties fall into one of 4 categories:

- Costs that can be claimed in the income year you bought the property;

- Costs that can be depreciated or written off over a period of time;

- Costs that will form a part of the cost base of the property; and

- Costs that can’t be claimed at all.

Costs that form part of the cost base are items like stamp duty and legal fees. These will only be able to be claimed when the property is sold and will be offset against the profits to reduce your payable Capital Gains Tax.

The ATO has a list of expenses you can claim in the current financial year. Click here to see the list!

Their list of deductions that you can claim over multiple years can be found here!

If you’re unsure, seek advice from your accountant as part of your investment portfolio A Team.

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