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What to look for when building a home

Choosing the right house plan can be exciting and daunting at the same time. Here are some pointers to ensure you’re on the right track when choosing a design:

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Overall size - does it matter? Yeah it does. Have a look at the size of the homes in the area that you’re looking to build in. See whether they are bigger, smaller or roughly similar to the size and type of home you’re looking to build. You want to ideally have similar sized homes surrounding yours. If you build too small you may struggle to sell it in future, or if its too big you may have overcapitalised and sell for less than what it could in a different area.

Storage - this is usually the top of most homeowners lists. Many modern plans come with walk in linen cupboards which can hold plenty of linen, towels and even the Christmas decorations. But be warned - the more storage you have the more stuff you’ll keep.

Kitchen - the heart of the home. Kitchens really are a make or break with a plan as many people will buy based off this one area. Ensure you have plenty of bench space, especially near the oven and cooktop. If going for a higher end finish - consider putting in two 600mm ovens rather than one 900mm for a similar cost. Check that the builder will install overhead cupboards as this can be easily missed. Stone bench tops are highly sought after and add that extra touch of luxury.

Ceilings - standard ceiling height is 2440mm. consider upgrading to a 2550mm height as it really makes a difference especially in the living areas. The extra height makes the home feel much larger even though its only a small change in overall ceiling height.

Garage - will your cars fit? A standard garage is roughly 6m x 6m which may be a tight fit if one of your cars is a 4wd. Consider widening the double garage rather than going for a triple set up. It will be much cheaper too.

Insulation - want to make sure you’re not spending too much on heating and cooling? Then talk to your builder about upgrading the insulation in both the ceiling and the walls. While you’re at it, explore the cost of upgrading to double glazed windows as the price is always coming down as more and more people are opting for them.

Room sizes - get out the tape measure and have a play. Actually see what size your bedrooms will be because visualising them on a plan and seeing them in the flesh. You may find that the bedrooms or living rooms aren’t as big as they initially appear. Also don’t fall into the trap that some plans may have more rooms, but the overall size of the home is the same as one with less rooms. Less rooms will mean bigger rooms

Feel free to reach out if you’re feeling overwhelmed when choosing a plan. We have seen hundreds of different floor plans and can help steer you in the right direction for your needs.

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