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Wanting to invest in property but not sure where to start? Well here is a good place!

I’ve been investing in property for over 20 years & I’m still learning.

For a number of reasons, but mainly finance & being time poor, my property investment activity slowed down considerably (to a walk in fact).

Recently a chance meeting with Luke from Lush Property Services has changed all that. 

I still have and always have had, a strong passion for property & when Luke & I got talking, I could see that my passion was his passion as we chatted for quite some time about my local market & neighbouring markets (Yarrawonga, Seymour, Wangaratta & Shepparton)

Luke’s knowledge of these areas & the right place to invest in these areas in my opinion is second to none!

For example when it came to talking about Shepparton he was able to advise where to look & more specifically where not to invest, even amongst the new housing estates (it became apparent that they’re not all created & performing equally)

Luke’s knowledge went well beyond his market knowledge as when we got into to subjects such as finance, structures, what to build to maximise the profits in each individual market he had that covered to. 

It seems that Luke has been very active in the property market for some time & when putting that together with his property valuer career, he has all the critical information you need.

I cannot recommend Luke & Lush Property Services highly enough, they have got me back running with all the knowledge I need & right at my finger tips.

Thanks for helping & advising me on the best place to invest & what the buyers & renters are looking for right now

Bruce L, Benalla

Coming from a building & design background I have great knowledge on how to build a home & on a budget, but had absolutely no idea on how the financial side of investing worked!

Upon engaging Luke for his guidance, he assisted me with curating a tailored package for a great home & securing a block of land (even in such a high demand time!!) that will provide great uplift in value.

Luke was able to provide contacts of his for concreters, landscapers, brokers, land agents & conveyancing to make the buying process extremely streamlined & easy.

There is no way I would be as confident as I am now heading into this new investing venture if it wasn’t for Luke taking my many many phone calls, face to face meetings & in depth knowledge for costings/money back on investment & various investment path options he has opened up to me.

I cant wait to get the 2nd investment underway with Luke in the future!

Ryan M, Shepparton

Luke has been amazing the whole process! He is a wealth of knowledge and leaves nothing out.


At every turn he has gone above and beyond my expectations looking for ways to save money and at the same time helping me get the most equity uplift for the house project we are currently working on.

He is with me every step of the way, explains things clearly and even helps with brokers, builders, banks, developers where needed to take the pressure off.

I look forward to working with Lush Property in the future, would HIGHLY recommend.

Shaun R, Shepparton

Received my report from Luke regarding a property I am looking at and the detail included in the report was fantastic and very informative making it easy to make an informed decision.


Highly recommend Luke

Kerry C, Kyabram

Luke @lushproperty has provided an exceptional service as a buyer advocate while providing coaching on all aspects of property investment and development.


His insight, wealth of experience and strong network of relationships has enabled me to secure multiple properties in a competitive market while abiding to my investment criteria. My experience working with Lush Property has both deepended my knowledge of property investment and catapulted my investment portfolio. I look forward to working with them again!!!

Prushoth Bala, Murrumbeena

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