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Do you need to purchase a property but want to outsource the work?



A buyers advocate, or buyers agent, is an expert in sourcing, negotiating and securing property.  Whether it be an investment or your next home, we will help you to find your next property. A buyers agent is the best option if you are based out of town or interstate.

With over a decade of experience, we’re armed with insider knowledge, tips and tricks to give you the competitive edge you need to secure a property in this current market. Our years of experience become yours as we take the stress out of your hands and do the groundwork to obtain your next property.

We give our clients a head start in an arena that can be tough to navigate by offering our services right from the start of your property search to the settlement. Our knowledge and experience create opportunity and financial gain, while saving time.


Save Money

We’re professional negotiators that will secure the right property at the lowest possible price.

Off-Market Opportunities

We get access to off-market properties through our network of contacts, meaning we can secure you the right property before your competition.

Cashflow Modelling

We run feasibilities on properties before they are presented to you, so you can rest assured the property fits your strategy and won't negatively affect your position.

Save Time

We’re on the ground looking for your right property around the clock so you don’t have to.

Avoid Mistakes

Lessons can be very costly with property. Ensure you don’t fall victim to novice mistakes by leaning on our knowledge.


We work with people who want the professional edge when buying a property.

Most people buy 1 property every 5-7 years. It’s usually a home to live in, and each time the property game has changed with new rules and regulations. add in emotional buying, that’s buying based on those warm and fuzzy feelings you get when you walk into a home, rather than buying an investment with your head has put many people in a spot of bother.


Thats why more owner occupiers and investors are outsourcing the task of finding and securing investment property to professionals.

Get in touch for a free consultation

Luke has been amazing the whole process! He is a wealth of knowledge and leaves nothing out.

At every turn he has gone above and beyond my expectations looking for ways to save money and at the same time helping me get the most equity uplift for the house project we are currently working on.

He is with me every step of the way, explains things clearly and even helps with brokers, builders, banks, developers where needed to take the pressure off.

I look forward to working with Lush Property in the future, would HIGHLY recommend.

Shaun R - Shepparton




"I'm time poor because I work 50+ hours a week and I don't have time or the patience to look at properties"

We hear this time and time again. Buying the right property is time-consuming and can delay your decision to buy.


Delays in purchasing can cost you tens of thousands if the market is moving upwards, not to mention buying the wrong property will only compound this cost.

"We're sick of missing out on every property we look at"

Have you seen what feels like 100 properties and you miss out on everything that slightly sparks your interest?

This can often lead to you settling for something that barely fits your needs just so you can own a home.

We have an extensive network that we use to find you that dream property.

"I'm worried that I'll overpay for the house I want"

Many buyers fear that they are paying too much for a property, and the seller is asking more than what it's worth.

Our research and extensive market knowledge ensures that the property you buy will serve you for years to come in growth prospects and strong rental yields.

Are you ready to get the professional edge?

Get your own advocate working for you today

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